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Who We Are

As our name would imply, Mercury Innovations is focused on the application of better healthcare solutions for providers that are designed to meet new requirements and improve upon both unarticulated and existing customer needs. We accomplish this through more-effective products, reporting, processes, services, technologies, and business models built on integrity, compliance, experience, reliability and a commitment to being the best in everything we do.

Mercury Innovations is a fully integrated Healthcare Services Provider.   We provide superior services that ultimately result in higher quality outcomes for the patient, lower overall costs and a better healthcare delivery solution for the physician and their practice. 

With over 30+ years of combined experience in the medical industry in clinical, diagnostic and surgical application fused with medically backed research and practice building, Mercury Innovations better understands the need for not only delivering quality products and services, but as important, the need for accuracy and responsiveness to our customer’s and the patient’s needs. By having the goal of providing “best in class” solutions in laboratory services, diagnostics testing, pathology and pharmacy, all tethered to a proprietary, integratable reporting and billing platform, Mercury Innovations becomes a fully incorporated partner in the practice and the management and treatment of the patient.  

As a business partner, quality and compliance are at the center of everything we do. We have employed the services of some of the best scientists/pharmDs, billing and coding experts and the resources of the top rated Healthcare and Compliance legal firms in the country. This helps us ensure that we are not only clinically sound, but also abreast of the most current regulatory and coding requirements integral to laboratory performance and medical management of a successful physician practice.   


We are leaders in turnaround times for test results. Staffing assistance available as well as training provided by our Implementation Specialists.