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unknown-9The differences in your genes may make all of the difference in both the need and the selection of therapy, as well as how you will respond to a specific medical therapy.  Genetic tests are currently available to determine not only specific hereditary disease risk, but also how well you will respond to certain medications.  A one-time pharmacogenetic test can provide information for a lifetime of medication management.

Physicians are moving away from the traditional ‘one size fits all’ approach to medical practice. The reason for this is the realization that a person’s genetics determines how they respond to medications. Everyone has a unique genetic make-up. The variation in our genes may make all of the difference in both the need and selection of therapy as well as how we will respond to a specific medical therapy. We offer genetic testing to help determine how well you will respond to certain medications. Mercury Innovations uses a simple cheek swab (buccal swab) to collect the DNA sample. It is a pain-less, convenient and needle-free specimen collection procedure. We are committed to providing the highest-quality service to help you deliver exceptional care to your patients. Our priority is the patient.

Why is it important?

Pharmacogenetics is the analysis of how genes affect a person’s ability to metabolize drugs. By determining their individual genetic variants, you can tailor patients’ drug regimen to meet their specific needs.

Mercury Innovations utilizes Pharmacogenetics to ensure that each patient gets personalized treatment, lowering the risk of fatal side-effects.

  • Avoid potentially harmful drug reactions, toxicity, and side effects.
  • Minimize the long trial-and-error process.
  • Begin treatment with the right medication, at the right dose, with the one pharmacogenomic test.
  • Customize medication regimen specifically to the patient’s genetic make-up.
  • Results you take with you over the course of your lifetime.

  • Understand medical choice and effectiveness
  • Know adverse drug reaction risk
  • Learn what medications may be right for you
  • Get a better look into the way your body breaks down and processes prescription drugs.

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